"Working with teenagers and young adults for the past 30 years has given me a perspective on how the expectations of our children have changed.  They are now expected to function as an adult, though they are children.  Being expected to do something that they are not able to do, only makes children feel inadequate and worthless.  The constant bombardment of information from the internet, TV and other mediums suggests that everyone should be beautiful, skinny and sexy.  None of these words have anything to do with integrity, honesty, caring for others or self-esteem.  I support Healthy Me because their mission is helping children understand their true worth and how to live a healthy lifestyle so they will live up to their full potential."

~ Steven R. Lee, MD

"I have watched Healthy Me grow from it's inception and have been a witness to the support they provide to so many children." 

"I am proud to be a part of such an extradorinary organization."

~  Brenda McCray, RN

"I support Healthy Me, Inc. because I understand the need.  I work with teenagers everyday who are experiencing difficulties in their lives and Healthy Me, Inc. addresses these difficulties and offers support and guidance." 

~ Jimmie Jackson, BA

"Supporting the next generation to love themselves and love others - today's children are tomorrow's adults!  I believe that part of my responsibility as an adult is to ensure that children are given the same opportunity that was afforded to me growing up!  Healthy Me avails me the opportunity to do this...a cause I believe in!"

~ Lisa Tylinski, RN

"I support Healthy Me, Inc. because it is a cutting edge organization that reaches out to children and adolescents who are facing unprecedented stressors in their lives and are greatly in need of services Healthy Me, Inc. has to offer".

~ Mitra Ramlogan, LPC

"Healthy Me is an organization near and dear to me.  Their vital message of mind, body and spirit health and the critical population they reach is a much needed resource today.  I believe kids today are drowning in information but knowledge starved.  I believe Healthy Me, Inc. is the right organization to provide what is absent in individuals, families and communities."

~ Ed Clark, MA, LPC, CCADC

"I support Healthy Me, Inc. because it provides the education that our youth needs.  Education is the key to change, and acquiring the general knowledge and skills to empower our youth.  I must add that the Founder of Healthy Me, Inc. is a person of integrity and has many years of experience and passion to spread."

~ Pat Terry, RN

"I have had the pleasure and honor of being a psychiatric nurse for nearly thirty years. The majority of those years have been spent caring for and treating adolescents. I feel that if our youth are able to receive a solid foundation in life they will develop into solid, productive citizens and healthy people—mind, body, and spirit. Approximately two years ago I met this dynamic lady. She works along side of me in treating young people. We shared our feelings about the youth of today and what needs they have. She was extremely passionate in sharing her vision of reaching out in a new forum. I watched, as this new forum developed into what today is known as Healthy Me Inc. The mission statement of Healthy Me is truly what society as a whole should be living. It’s about today, our youth, and tomorrow. We all should be concerned and involved to enable a stable next generation.  
I am so proud to be a friend of this visionary lady, Vernelle Nunn, and support Healthy Me Inc. and its mission."

~ Sheila Green Knoblich, RN

"I believe in charities.  Charitites begin at home.  If we help others we invest in a better world.  Healthy Me, Inc. is developing our youth to become a better world."

~ Arun Munjal, MD

"I support Healthy Me, Inc. because they strive to make a positive difference in the lives of our children. The key to change is education. I believe our youth should be taught at a young age the importance of mental health and how to attain it. This is preventive health care."

~ Byron Evans, MD

"I support Healthy Me, Inc. because its Program is very effective at creating a forum under the guidance and instruction of health care professionals that allows our youth in a non-threatening environment to express their thoughts, fears, disappointments and triumphs and receive the support of their peers and counsel from licensed professionals."

~ Brenda Ballard, MSW

"Healthy Me, Inc. is an organization I believe in. Since high school it has been a personal passion of mine to get involved with young people. To this day I remember the mentors who came to my high school. I think it is important to give back to our youth because the impact a role model has on a child's life is insurmountable. I am glad that Healthy Me, Inc. teaches boys and girls and that Healthy Me, Inc. modules encompass the mind, body and spirit of the child. 

~ Jacinta Carter, SPHR
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